Peninsula of Jacksonville, Florida.

Luxury waterfront high rise living, Jacksonville.

Condos for rent in Jacksonville

1431 Riverplace Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida, 32207

Luxury water front condos for sale in Jacksonville, on the St. Johns River. The Peninsula on The South Bank

Located on the Southbank of the St. Johns River, you won't find more gorgeous, sophisticated or decadent downtown living experience than you will at The Peninsula. Imagine living within walking distance to art, great restaurants, shopping and professional sports, all while living in the heart of the urban core.

The Peninsula has the finest amenities and services and they're all available to you 
24-7. If you're not living here yet, ask yourself why? This is the place you deserve to be.

Peninsula of Jacksonville - Big city excitement, world class amenities.

Peninsula of Jacksonville, buy urban condo FL

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Buying a luxury urban condo is a big deal. For most of us, it is the largest personal investment we will make in our lifetime, or for others this may be a second home. At INI Realty Investments, Inc., we think it should also be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Whether you are an experienced homeowner or a first-time homebuyer, our website contains helpful tips, mortgage calculators, charts for estimating home values, and many other helpful features.

Condos for rent in Jacksonville

There are many good reasons for choosing to rent a home rather than buy a property. Sometimes, a job relocation happens at the most inopportune time and renting can help you avoid being rushed by allowing you the time needed to explore all of your options and make a smarter buying decision. With the broad range of available condo's to rent from you can literally pick the best fit for your immediate needs. This way you can take your time shopping for your dream home. Renting is also a great way for those new to Jacksonville to learn more about the surrounding communities before they buy.

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Luxury Waterfront high rise living, Jacksonville, Florida | Luxury condos for sale, for rent.
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